Hello everyone!

Finally got a chance to sit down and do an update. I got a super busy schedule now. I decided to go back to school after 4 yrs. If working full time and being a Mommy full time was not enough…I have added a little bit more.

I am attending school Tuesdays and Thursdays. My classes start late enough so I can get home after work, make and have dinner with my family, do homework with my munchkin and prep them all for bed.

I also started group counseling on Wednesday. I never knew just how affected I was. I never had an answer to all the internal conflicts I was having. Never knew just why stuff was happening to me. I thought I was weird. Readings that I was provided with are helping me understand that I am a victim weather I want to admit it or not. I never wanted to be perceived as WEAK. I always wanted to be the strongest in the crowd. Deep down inside, now I understand, I was screaming at the top of my lungs.

First session was great, very helpful in understanding me. I am looking forward to the rest.  

Orientation for Bright Future 4 Kids is today. We are going to get a tour of the center and obtain information as to how we can provide our help with the organization, but most importantly, how we can prevent Child Abuse and raise awareness.

I am planning my first neighborhood meeting for beginning of February. Our first topic: Sexual Abuse. There is so much information out there, that we are only missing the messengers.

Since the publication of our group on the last edition of “Talk Crochet”, we have gotten an immense number of followers and volunteers. I would like to take the time to thank you all for being interested in joining our cause. Child Abuse is just like cancer. It is spreading rapidly and we have got to stop it. The cure: AWARENESS! The cost: PRICELESS!

I will keep you all posted!

Children need models more than they need critics.” -JOSEPH JOUBERT, Pensées

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