Happ New Year everyone! I hope your holiday left great memories to cherish. 
Back to work today. Got a chance to finish 2 bears during my break. It was a lot harder than I thought. My kids would NOT leave me alone. Hardly having any breaks from work, they really enjoyed this one. 
I got our first package from Doris, our volunteer in Germany. With the holidays being over, I hope we finally get some responses from the family resource centers I contacted and that these lovely bears finally get a permanent home. 
I got a bag of yarn this morning from the Lerma Family. A special thanks to them and hope we can show them the bears soon.
This month I will be attending orientation to volunteer at Bright Future 4 Kids, a child abuse prevention center based here in Santa Ana. I cannot wait to start!
8/8/2012 05:38:45 am

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